Common Pests Seeking Warmth and Shelter in your Sioux Falls Home

Have you ever been sitting around watching TV or doing work on your computer when suddenly a spider appears out of nowhere? Or possibly you were standing in the kitchen making lunch when out of the corner of your eye something small and alien-like crawls across the floor? We’ve all been there. Creepy, crawly spiders and other insects find their way into our homes no matter how well our doors and windows are sealed. It’s winter in Sioux Falls, and like us, they are primed for survival, and that includes seeking out the warmth and food of your cozy home.

The best way to combat these hair-raising insects and put them in their place for good is through something called perimeter pest control. This is a solution applied around the foundation of your business or home, made specifically to stop insects from getting in. Read on to find out what some of the most common pests are that perimeter pest control can help keep out.

Common Insects That Invade Our Sioux Falls Homes

SpidersWolf spider

Fortunately, only two venomous spiders reside in South Dakota, and luckily, they only bite when disturbed or provoked. They are the black widow and the yellow sac spider. The black widow is shiny black with a distinct abdomen shaped like an hourglass and has a bite deadlier than a rattlesnake. The yellow sac spider is pale yellow with dark brown markings on its palps, jaw, and the end of its feet. Its bite causes a less severe reaction, mainly consisting of swelling, stinging, and redness.

Both are nocturnal and prefer to live in dark, dry locations. Black widows spin messy-looking webs and are typically found in overhanging ledges, under benches, and around the entrances of rodent burrows. In the winter, these bizarre creatures seek places to overwinter. While they mostly go into hibernation, they can remain active if a warm, cozy residence is found.

The yellow sac spider does not spin a web but comes out at night and likes to hunt for its prey. During the warmer months, they can be found on trees and bushes, under leaf litter and stones. In the winter, they seek out shelter in the corners of your walls and on ceilings.

There are plenty other common spiders that live in Sioux Falls. Fortunately they aren’t venomous. They include:

Carpenter Ants

While there are dozens of different types of ants living in Sioux Falls, carpenter ants are the most destructive. These wood damaging ants are some of the largest ants in the state with dark-colored bodies and a uniquely shaped thorax (body segment behind the head). They do not actually eat wood like termites. Instead, they create tunnels in your shelving, furniture, and walls using these tunnels to travel undisturbed and avoid predators. Unfortunately, these underpasses often weaken the structural integrity of the wood, causing irreparable damage. They normally nest in logs, stumps, and hollow trees. However, these food-seeking pests invade homes in the winter for warmth and sweet snacks.

Cricketscricket on a blade of grass

If you’ve ever sat outside on a calm Sioux Falls summer night, you have probably heard the distinct chirping sound of a cricket. This is the sound of the male cricket rubbing their wings together to attract female crickets and scare away other males. Crickets have long antennas and large black legs. While they are most common outdoors, they may accidentally enter your home through cracks and gaps in the foundation. The good news is that crickets are not considered serious pests and do not cause major damage to your property. If these loud-mouth, noisy species of grasshoppers do make their way in, they usually die by fall or early winter.


Finding a centipede anywhere in your house with its dozens of legs and long back antennas can be downright scary if not repulsive. These elongated and flattened worm-like creatures look like something out of a science fiction novel. They prefer dark, humid areas under rocks, mulch, leaf litter, or beneath loose bark in rotting logs but can enter your Sioux Falls home by crawling under doors or other small openings. Inside, they favor the garage, bathroom, basement, and crawl spaces. While they are considered mostly harmless, there are a few reports of centipedes biting humans when stepped on with bare feet. I don’t know about you, but I am unwilling to take that chance and would like to keep these scary looking insects out of my home.

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