Locally Owned Lawn Care and Landscape Services in Brandon

Eagle Lawn and Landscape has been providing reliable and innovative lawn care and landscape services for over 25 years. We continue our commitment to excellence as a leader in the green industry in Brandon. When you are looking for the best in lawn care, landscaping, irrigation installation, or grub control look no further!

Get a Beautiful Lawn 

Achieving the lawn of your dreams requires proper lawn fertilization and weed control to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant. To accomplish this, we offer a 5-step complete fertilizer and weed control program that goes below the surface to infuse the nutrients your grass needs along with the necessary ongoing weed control to provide you with a lawn that is healthy, strong, and green. Our optional grub control application prevents any damage caused by grub invaders.

Five Step Fertilizer and Weed Control Program

  • Initial lawn analysis and repeated inspection 
  • Specially formulated applications of micronutrients to promote growth
  • Targeted control over all broadleaf weeds
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass management
  • Grub control 

Lawn Aeration in Brandon

In addition to our five-step process, we recommend lawn aeration once a year to remove small amounts of soil and spread them across your lawn. This important yearly process allows your lawn to receive the required sunlight, water, and air it needs to flourish. Through aeration, your lawn grass’s roots get the nutrition they need maximizing the effectiveness of your fertilization and weed control applications.  Through aeration, your lawn will experience decreased disease and stronger lawn roots overall. 

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Landscaping in Brandon

Smart landscape designs can increase your home’s value and enhance the natural beauty and enjoyment of your home. Through landscaping, you can put a personal stamp on your home in ways that best accentuate its features and create an environment that is interesting, warm, welcoming, and relaxing. 

The highly skilled professionals at Eagle Lawn & Landscape Inc. have been exceeding customer expectations since 1999. Our professional landscape designers will meet with you in Brandon to create a plan that maximizes your home’s curb appeal and allows for years of enjoyment. Landscaping truly is an art, and through an array of outdoor elements, we will help you create an outdoor environment that is 

as beautiful as it is functional. By incorporating the right balance of living landscape through the use of trees, shrubs, and perennials against the backdrop of decorative elements such as paver walkways and retaining walls, we will partner with you to design and delight you with the landscape of your dreams. 

Our professional landscaping services include a wide variety of:

  • Trees and Shrubs
  •  Perennials
  • Mulch
  • Rock
  • Retaining Walls
  • Paver Patios
  • Paver Walkways
  • Rockscaping

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Irrigation Installation and Maintenance in Brandon

As a full-service lawn care and landscaping company, Eagle Lawn & Landscape Inc. extends our premier lawn and landscape care to include the necessary irrigation installation to maintain and protect the valuable investment you make in your home. We are experts in providing residential or commercial sprinkler services, design, installation, and repair for your home or business in Brandon.

A well-designed and professionally installed and maintained underground sprinkler system allows you to control the right amount of water to the right places when you need it and for how long you need it. Your property will reap the benefits of a hydration system that can be set at the right timing intervals to satisfy the needs of your property. Our team will continue its commitment to you by providing irrigation maintenance for your system.

There are many benefits to installing an irrigation system, including:

  • The ability to water your lawn when you are away from home
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Conservation of resources through targeted and timed water usage
  • Maintaining the long-term investment of your lawn and landscape
  • Saving the time and trouble of watering by hand
  • Increasing the value of your home
  • The preservation of soil and other vital nutrients through soft volume settings

At Eagle Lawn & Landscape Inc., our trained staff will design the best irrigation system to meet your needs. We use top-quality irrigation products and specialize in the installation of Rain Bird sprinkler systems. Our support extends throughout the year through:


  • Winterization


  • Spring Start-Up
  • Winterization
  • Maintenance

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Exterior Pest Control in Brandon

Pests can create unwanted damage to your home and cause disease. Protect your family and your property with Eagle Lawn & Landscape Inc.’s perimeter pest control. 

Our four annual exterior treatments ensure that pests are prevented from entering your home or hanging around in your garage. Each application of insecticide provides a six to eight-foot broad band of protection around the exterior of your home so that spiders, ants, crickets, fleas, and centipedes stay out!  

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Trust the professionals at Eagle Lawn & Landscape Inc. with over 24 years of solid family-owned and operated experience and dedication to providing our customers with spectacular lawns, innovative and carefully designed landscapes, pest control, and reliable irrigation systems that protect and enhance your home in Brandon. Call us today and see why we have a reputation for the best in customer service, product quality, and client satisfaction. Contact us below!

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